Hey, I’m Ellie…Why am I doing this again?

So, I’m Ellie, the daughter. How did I somehow get involved in this? After all I really can’t say I know another teenage girl who volunteers, even convinces, (yes *gasp* this was my idea) her mother to do a 60 mile walk with her. A couple of months ago I wouldn’t even think of doing this. Then again things change when you discover your mom has a big bandage across her chest, getting a biopsy you had no idea she needed. Even when I found out my mother’s biopsy was benign, things changed. I thought back to when my mother did this walk years ago in NYC. Even with the many months she trained with a full schedule and lovely blisters, I knew this was something we had to do. And, after some convincing, my mom also realized how much we needed to do this. So now while my friends may bond with their moms through manicures or movie-nights, my mom and I instead take a lovely 8-13 mile walk, while I remind myself this was my idea after all…


One Comment to “Hey, I’m Ellie…Why am I doing this again?”

  1. You go girls! What a beautiful project to do together. Enjoy every minute. That mother-daughter rapport is so special – something to treasure, that nobody can ever take away from you. I love hearing about your training. Thanks.


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