The First Training Walk of the Season

It was the first breath of a summer day and Ellie and I were signed up to go for a training walk with one of the Susan G. Komen walk leaders. We were to meet at Penn Station at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday.

9:00 a.m. actually meant a departure from the Frost residence at 7:15. Now, this is an hour on a Sunday that certain young ladies I know don’t see very often. Staying up all hours video chatting with your friends does not make for early rising. But Ellie was a trooper and we headed off, bagel and coffee in hand.

Burt Lipshe, our walk leader, is an expert, devoted walker. He has walked the 3-Day since at least 2004 and he walks two walks a year. This man is dedicated. He is also one of the sweetest men on the face of the earth. The fact that he is actually a litigator by trade is one of those great paradoxes that makes the world a wondrous place. Decked with a fanny pack and double water bottles, Burt has his act down pat. He could probably walk for forty miles and never slow down.

Departing from the  scenic T.G.I. Friday’s in the bowels of Penn Station, our walk was to take us down the West Side of Manhattan to Wall Street and back–a distance of twelve miles. A pretty big first bite for a training walk. I was very curious to see how my sweet walking partner would manage the distance. Heck, I was wondering how my old body would manage the distance…

On a gorgeous spring day there is almost nothing more fantastic than a walking tour of Manhattan. Everyone was out enjoying the sun and the warmth and the everyone else out enjoying themselves. The path along the Hudson was crowded with bikers, joggers, dogs, walkers, tourists and even a few very scantily clad sunbathers. We were a group of eight heading out at a good clip. The first few miles went by pretty quickly.

The sun was bright and shining and the group of us walking were beginning to strip down for comfort as we approached Battery Park City. The majestic buildings of the Financial District rose on our left as Jersey City, Ellis Island and off in the distance the Statue of Liberty flanked our right side. The crowds thickened as we neared South Ferry. Threading our way through the crowds, I heard the first murmurs of dissent from my angelic partner. We hit lunch at the six mile mark. The thin crust pizza was fantastic, but the chairs were even better.

Retracing our steps up the West Side yet again, the afternoon really heated up. We were all flagging as we started across eastward towards Penn Station. We had been walking close to four hours including our lunch break and the thought of Metro North and its air-conditioned cars was more than welcome. Ellie made it through the whole walk. Her feet were definitely sore, blisters on her toes and she clearly needed better walking shoes, but she is a toughie and she finished the walk in good spirits. My feet were sore, too, but age and all things considered, I did okay.

The only other somewhat daunting thought, unvoiced to Ellie, was that this was only 12 miles and when we got to the big show, we would be walking 20 miles per day for three consecutive days. I think we need a few more practice walks before we get to that point.


2 Comments to “The First Training Walk of the Season”

  1. keep up the good work. you are both doing great.

  2. Practice makes perfect! Good job ladies!

    ~ Kristen

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