Why Walk 60 Miles?

Sometimes it is good to take a moment and remember what the walking is all about. On a beautiful spring day it is easy to get out and walk and enjoy the sun, the fresh breeze and whiffs of roses and pink-blooming peonies. It is easy to feel strong and alive and stride along letting the miles roll by just enjoying life. But it is important to stop and remember that there are so many people who can’t do that anymore. So many women, and men, who lost their fight against breast cancer and they are no longer walking in the warm sun.

So, today, I want to stop and take a moment with you to remember. I know most everyone has someone they miss, they mourn. And so many of us know many people who have fought breast cancer and won as well. Ellie and I are walking for all of these people and we are walking so many more in the future will never have to know the fear, the pain and the loss. Please watch this video and join us as we remember…



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