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July 31, 2010


Psych! Sorry no I’m still away in the mountains right now probably craving some chocolate ice cream (as I’ll be eating little meal packs) and most likely begging for a nice long break (actually I really hope not…) However right now I’m still home preparing to leave and yes still safe with my ice cream 😉 Still I can imagine what I’ll be doing from the outlines of the trip description. I’ll be at a pretty high altitude as we rock climb and hike our way up the various mountains (on hike days they estimate about 15 miles w/ around 70 lbs. from our backpacks). They’ll teach me how to navigate through the wildreness, start a fire, etc. If I’m lucky I may even be allowed to go several days guiding myself without the guides! Wish me luck!

P.S. So umm if I’m eaten by bears while on my own, I guess this is goodbye…lols

July 28, 2010

The Wave

One of my favorite activities is waving.  The simple act of gesturing a greeting to another person or persons gives me tremendous pleasure.  I love to wave at both friends and strangers. In fact it is almost more fun to wave at unsuspecting strangers and wonder if  having someone greet them made them happy for a moment.  The act of waving is rendered even more pleasurable by the intense mortification suffered by my children as I blithely and happily wave at any and all passersby.

Waving is great fun either on foot or in a car. It seems so friendly and welcoming to give someone a wave. There are all kinds of waves, of course, and many of them are situational. There are times and places where a workman-like tip of the hand is an appropriate and sufficient wave. There are other times when the right thing to do is to just cut lose with a big windshield-wiper type gesture. Of course there are some people in this world who are know to be expert wavers. Queen Elizabeth springs to mind immediately and I confess to modeling myself on her stately grace from time to time. Sometimes I like to practice waves so I can be sure that I will immediately come up with just the right motion for the moment.

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July 21, 2010

Goodbye For Now :~(

Sadly (as I mentioned in earlier posts) I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Wyoming, where I’ll be hiking and rock climbing in the mountains for three weeks…eeek! I’m very excited, but its bittersweet as I’ll be out of touch with civilization and unable to post. Don’t worry though, my mom will continue while I’m gone and you’ll get the odd post from me (written before I leave, of course). As a goodbye I’ve found this cartoon, enjoy!

July 12, 2010

An Interesting Fashion Statement ;)

While browsing through pictures of breast cancer walks from years previous I’ve noticed some interesting choices of apparel from pink tube socks to pink 90s sunglasses or maybe pink hightop shoes. After looking through all that frankly I’m jealous and have decided to enlist your help in my mom’s and my own fashion statement. So, from now until the walk we’re holding an auction to determine what crazy thing we’ll be wearing during our walk. The person with the highest donation will be the one who decides between…

A) Pink Bunny Ears

B) Pink Tiara

C) Pink Tutu

If you wish to participate simply mention in your donation which one you’d like to see us wearing (I personally would loveeee to see Mom in a pink tutu walking around D.C., but hey its your bid)

P.S. If you have any problems online adding your message of what you vote  for, just email my mom or me

July 6, 2010

Heat wave + walking = :(

With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in New York and much of the Northeast, it presents a great challenge for those who need 2 walk, say people who maybe need 2 train for a breast cancer walk? Overall I believe the weather is being incredibly inconsiderate, especially for our walking assistant w/ the big furry coat (which he refuses to take off, like me he appreciates the fashionable look always).  However with the festivities from July 4th (idk about you but I ate enough for several people) mom and I definitely need 2 forge on through the heat. Besides we are walking in D.C. and it may still be warm there when you walk so maybe this will be very good training for that as well. Still to combat this heat we’ve decided to leave @ 5:30 AM (eeekkkk) to spare ourselves some of the heat and to try not to kill our walking assistant. It’ll probably still be around 80 degrees but I suppose that’s better than 100 😉 Wish us luck in this heat!

P.S. I’m very proud to say I’ve officially reached halfway in my donations, making my total so far $1,260 (yes, mom’s still kicking my butt, but, hey, she’s tough competition!) Our team total is now 36% of our $15,000 at $5,465! Please continue this amazing support and help us reach our goal 🙂

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