Heat wave + walking = :(

With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in New York and much of the Northeast, it presents a great challenge for those who need 2 walk, say people who maybe need 2 train for a breast cancer walk? Overall I believe the weather is being incredibly inconsiderate, especially for our walking assistant w/ the big furry coat (which he refuses to take off, like me he appreciates the fashionable look always).  However with the festivities from July 4th (idk about you but I ate enough for several people) mom and I definitely need 2 forge on through the heat. Besides we are walking in D.C. and it may still be warm there when you walk so maybe this will be very good training for that as well. Still to combat this heat we’ve decided to leave @ 5:30 AM (eeekkkk) to spare ourselves some of the heat and to try not to kill our walking assistant. It’ll probably still be around 80 degrees but I suppose that’s better than 100 😉 Wish us luck in this heat!

P.S. I’m very proud to say I’ve officially reached halfway in my donations, making my total so far $1,260 (yes, mom’s still kicking my butt, but, hey, she’s tough competition!) Our team total is now 36% of our $15,000 at $5,465! Please continue this amazing support and help us reach our goal 🙂


One Comment to “Heat wave + walking = :(”

  1. ellie, this is wonderful and you will get used to walking very early. David and I walk every morning at 6:15 and it’s the best way to start the day…once you get used to it of course. It’s great you are doing this with mom. Love, Ilene Rapkin

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