An Interesting Fashion Statement ;)

While browsing through pictures of breast cancer walks from years previous I’ve noticed some interesting choices of apparel from pink tube socks to pink 90s sunglasses or maybe pink hightop shoes. After looking through all that frankly I’m jealous and have decided to enlist your help in my mom’s and my own fashion statement. So, from now until the walk we’re holding an auction to determine what crazy thing we’ll be wearing during our walk. The person with the highest donation will be the one who decides between…

A) Pink Bunny Ears

B) Pink Tiara

C) Pink Tutu

If you wish to participate simply mention in your donation which one you’d like to see us wearing (I personally would loveeee to see Mom in a pink tutu walking around D.C., but hey its your bid)

P.S. If you have any problems online adding your message of what you vote  for, just email my mom or me


2 Comments to “An Interesting Fashion Statement ;)”

  1. What a great idea!

    Just make sure that whatever “wins” is something that you can tolerate while walking. For example, while Tutus are super fun, they can interfere with whatever type of pack you are planning to carry. Headbands and tiaras can also rub behind your ears or make it so you can’t wear a hat. There’s plenty of options for fun things to wear, just make sure you try everything before the event.

    Good luck!

    ~ Kristen

  2. My eldest has a pair of raspberry red running shoes she used for track–might be nike –nike will also let you design your own on line—love the tutu!

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