Psych! Sorry no I’m still away in the mountains right now probably craving some chocolate ice cream (as I’ll be eating little meal packs) and most likely begging for a nice long break (actually I really hope not…) However right now I’m still home preparing to leave and yes still safe with my ice cream 😉 Still I can imagine what I’ll be doing from the outlines of the trip description. I’ll be at a pretty high altitude as we rock climb and hike our way up the various mountains (on hike days they estimate about 15 miles w/ around 70 lbs. from our backpacks). They’ll teach me how to navigate through the wildreness, start a fire, etc. If I’m lucky I may even be allowed to go several days guiding myself without the guides! Wish me luck!

P.S. So umm if I’m eaten by bears while on my own, I guess this is goodbye…lols


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