The Graduate

The past month has been tumultuous with both good and bad things taking place. More on some of that later.  I can’t believe it has been longer than a month since I last posted. Well, let’s look at something very good then to get things moving forward.

June 21st was our son, Peter’s graduation from the F. L. Chamberlain School. High school graduation is a milestone in everyone’s life. Graduation is the demarkation between childhood and adulthood. Upon graduation most people are either moving on to college or beginning a career. Certainly the future is filled with a level of independence and responsibility not before experienced.

Graduation is a joyous time in most lives and a celebration for both the graduate and his or her family. That was certainly the case for Peter.

Peter is 19 and for the past three years, he has not lived at home, but away at school. This was not really a chosen course, but one made necessary by the challenges that Peter has faced in his life. For a long time Peter suffered from undiagnosed problems which included significant depression, social isolation, failing grades in school and the inability to cope with daily life. Happily, Peter was diagnosed about a year ago with Aspergers. Having a diagnosis doesn’t change reality, but it helps to put a handle on things.

Peter has made tremendous progress and we are all tremendously proud of his achievement in graduating high school. This summer Peter is taking a class at Westchester Community College. His idea of a fun summer class is pre-Calculus. Peter is also learning to drive–something he is now ready to do. The plan is for more classes at WCC this school year and then (fingers crossed) on to a four year school.

Peter is exceptionally bright. He has a fantastic sense of humor and a most winning smile. It is a joy to have him home and to see him starting on his path to adulthood. We are all looking forward to watching him in the coming years.


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