Back! No seriously!

Hey, everyone, this time there is no psych-out I am honestly back, having returned late Thursday night. Sorry to have taken a few days to begin blogging again, but being reunited with civilization has been a bit crazy. I keep waking up confused as to why I’m not in my sleeping bag in a tent or, whenever mom announces we need to run errands, I almost run to grab a backpack and hiking boots.

Besides clearly driving me a little insane, my trip was a lot of fun and I definitely learned a lot. While most of my fellow campers had all camped, backpacked, and rock climbed, I had done little of any of these and seemed to be prepared with only a smile when they asked about my previous experiences in these areas.  Honestly, the first week was incredibly difficult. Suddenly with 60 pounds on your back and rapidly increasing elevation, the simple 8 miles you’ve practiced with your mom all the time becomes much harder. But after the first days of hardship, your pains become habits and your exhaustion becomes simple routine. Past this I was able to learn how to camp while leaving no traces and to rock climb, even embarking on a multi pitch climb one day. I was also able to enjoy the Wind River Mountain Range part of the Rockies, hiking to the Continental Divide and learning the names of numerous wild flowers.

Now I’ve returned home and have already continued my training with mom, doing a 16.2 mile walk yesterday (and yes I was amazed at the amount of waving she did). Today we have a rest day with the rain up here at the country house but tomorrow we should again walk probably about 4 miles. I hope to post some pics of my trip soon, but until then wish me luck on getting used to normal life again…especially getting used to mom’s constant waving….


One Comment to “Back! No seriously!”

  1. Welcome back. Sounds like a fantastic trip. What great memories. And that whole waving thing? Here’s a tip: You’ll never get used to it. It is what it is. At least you don’t suffer alone. 🙂

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