The Roll Call of Honor and Remembrance

When I decided to do the 3-day in 2004, it was to honor my first boss, Nancy McCord. Nancy died of breast cancer. Nancy was a Smithie and she had taught me so much during the years I worked for her. Once I left working for her, I never properly thanked her for all she had done for me, but moved forward with the impudence of youth. I walked in 2004  to pay my respects and repay my debt to Nancy.

As Ellie and I prepare for our walk in 2010, we have compiled a list of those people in whose honor and in whose memory we walk. These are brave women who fought the fear and devastation of breast cancer. Some of these women won their fight and have continued to live their lives with thankfulness and some of these women lost their fight and live on in our memories.

We are walking to honor these women and to help insure that someday we will all live in a world where the fear and ravages of breast cancer will no longer exist.

Roll Call of Honor

Kay Crawford * Betsy Boyle *

Irene Spielman Hodge* Angelique L’Amour *

Candace Eisner Strick * Rita Bodett *

Carol Kiser * Phyllis Frost *

Terry O’Shea

Roll Call of Remembrance

Kathy Hale * Sarah Greenspan Eisner *

Nancy McCord * Christina Figel *

Inge Frischer *

Honorary Walkers*

Barb Burg * Bobbie Isserman *

Elaine Shapiro

*supporters who struggle with their own health issues


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