Happy Thanksgiving

Dining with a good friend at Metrazur this week, I enjoyed the view across the main terminal at Grand Central Station. Thank you, Jackie Kennedy Onassis for saving this gorgeous place for us. People were hustling back and forth through the station and it was a beautiful scene. Soon they would be home with family and friends sharing a holiday that is not about commerce, but about getting together with friends and family and being thankful.

There is so much to be thankful for. I am so lucky to have good family and friends. I cherish them as I have never before. This year may have been marked with loss, but it has also been marked with many gains. I feel I have had the chance this year to connect and re-connect with many people who make my life richer. My family, both close and extended are healthy and I have been able to help people I love as they move forward with their lives and grow in new directions. I have good food to eat, a lovely home to live in. I am free to speak my mind in a society which still offers more freedoms than anyplace else on earth.

I hope to reflect upon these gifts tomorrow, this weekend and to hold them more in mind as the days move forward.

I wish these blessings to everyone who reads this and I hope you all have a warm and lovely Thanksgiving.


2 Comments to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Jenny I love your comments. Your mom was right, you write beautifully 🙂
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I smile thinking of you all celebrating at your farm. Also smile thinking of Ferd down in Florida with his 3 men eating the Club’s Thanksgiving turkey and then watching football. Christmas with you will be happier but he sure is making the best of what is!
    Love and Happy Thanksgiving
    Jack and Dawn

  2. very true words! from the friend at metrazur

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