Craftaganza over the holidays

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One of the great pleasures during that quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s is spending some quality time crafting. This year I was able to enjoy the cold winter weather, a bonanza of a snow storm and hours of happy knitting, beading and a little sewing. It was a craft-extra-vaganza!!

I never remember to take pictures of things I finish, but here are a few…I didn’t knit these all from start to finish over the break, but I always have a million projects going and these are the ones I finished. Sometimes I hallucinate that I will complete my unfinished projects, but Sunday I started three new ones so I think we all can be pretty sure that will never happen.

Since I seem to be pretty prolific, one of the ideas I have been playing with is taking a booth over the summer at a craft show or two. Usually, I like to make things specifically for people as gifts, but I have just too many ideas buzzing in my head and so I thought it might be fun to see if people would like what I make even if they have to pay for it. I have been amassing beaded crafts, knit things and other items for this purpose. At the very least, I might clear enough to support my “habit(s).”


One Comment to “Craftaganza over the holidays”

  1. I can’t believe you made all those wonderful things! Again you remind me of Bobbie and I smile. You also inspire me to knit but that makes Jack shudder. My measuring skills leave a lot to be desired so things I make don’t seem to fit. Jack is optimistic I’ll fight the urge to knit again but your pictures tempt me.
    You should sell things at a craft show. If I were near I would be your sales person. A dear friend makes wonderful bead jewelry and knit handbags. Her son died of cancer 2 years ago and she wanted to raise money for cancer research so she invited people to her house in Florida and sold the things she made. Checks were made out to Dana Faber Cancer Center so the purchases were tax deductible. Mary made money for the center, and every one was happy. My contribution, besides buying 🙂 was doing the selling because Mary was embarrassed to sell to friends. It was great fun and we made over a thousand dollars, and we didn’t even have that much to sell.

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