First Rites of Spring

The snows have disappeared and my tulips and daffodils are poking up out of the soil. Daytime temperatures are hitting the 50’s and it looks like we may have survived winter. Hooray!!

Last Sunday, daylight savings time, I ordered my seeds and plants. Burpee had presciently sent me a discount coupon and that was all it took to get my business. This year’s garden will be a little streamlined from last year. The sunflowers, tomotoes, herbs and lettuce will all reappear. I think we can dispense with the cucumbers and swiss chard.

Late Thursday afternoon this week, Jim and I headed to Home Depot. We were well ahead of the rush. The garden center was deserted and we loaded our cart with 28 bags of Bovung cow manure with humus and three bags of lime. Good thing to have the truck around these days. I unloaded the cargo and felt the first excitement at having a new garden at hand.

The Other Dakota

Fragrant and rich

 Tilling the garden was a whole different experience from last year. Last year was a nightmare pulling the long and deep roots from the deceased Flame Bush and trying to break through the grass and rocks. This year the rototiller broke through the soil easily (well, the thing pulls like the dickens, but it is all relative) and quickly churned the soil, last year’s straw, lime and manure into a soft, rich looking patch of soil. Boy, if I were a plant I would want to sink my roots into that soil. We had the rototiller back at the rental place in two hours flat.

The farmer at work

Of course, it is stil early. The rental guy thought our soil was still frozen. Far from it, but I don’t expect to plant for six weeks. If the early bird catches the worm, we should have lots of them in the garden.

Faithful assistant

It was hard to stop working in the yard and head inside. But I think we are ready for some planting when the time comes and I can dream about the hours to be spent this summer fussing in the garden and all the fabulous tomatoes and vegetables in our future.

Work well done


One Comment to “First Rites of Spring”

  1. I’m envious! How I love to garden–on a smaller scale than your doing but its still good. 🙂 We drove to Florida last weekend, long but uneventful trip. Left cold grey Chicago where the tips of the daffodils and the fury magnolia buds were just showing and arrived in Florida where my orchids and hibiscus are blooming. 🙂 Kids tell us its cold, rainy and crummy in Illinois, not gardening weather yet. I fear we will miss the blooms of spring but we’ll be there in time to plant and I’m grateful for sunshine and warmth. Even Jack is perking up a bit. 🙂
    Will see Ferd Tuesday evening. Have talked to him several times and he really sounds so much better. YEA
    Happy Spring and renewal.

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