Prom 2011–Ellie and Jordan

Last week was Prom. This year’s prom was quite a different affair for Ellie than last year. This year, Ellie was an old hand. That feeling of incredible nervousness was replaced by experience. Ellie handled most of the arrangements herself. I’ve already posted about Jordan and how he asked Ellie to prom. We didn’t actually meet Jordan until the afternoon of prom. His entire family came over to our house for a few pictures. Then Jim headed off to class and I headed to the pre-Prom gathering at one of Ellie’s friends’ houses.

It was an extremely hot and humid late afternoon and the boys in their tuxes were dripping with sweat. It threatened to downpour any moment and everyone just hoped that the kids would be in the bus before the skies opened up. Happily, it happened just that way…

Ellie may have been an old hand at Prom, but we did go dress shopping months ago. The kids all get their dresses outrageously early and then post photos of the dresses on Facebook to avoid any embarrassing duplications. Last year Ellie ended up with the first dress she tried on. This year required what seemed like hours of trying on dresses and I have no idea how many she had tried before we had a winner. Of course, the afternoon of Prom she declared she hated the dress and I had made her pick it. 😦  Now, why did I know I would be the heavy…

Poor Ellie was a wreck the afternoon of Prom. She had been working at Cheeburger, Cheeburger  until almost 2 a.m. the night before. She had her internship in the morning and when she got back barely grabbed a bite to eat before she had to head out to get her make up done. The kids all make appointments at Lord & Taylor in the cosmetics department and they get their make up done for “free.” They just have to buy a ton of make up. It was five minutes past time for her to leave when she came into my office and asked me to go with her. It was one of those moments when you have to make a choice. I desperately wanted to get something done, but I realized this was my baby girl asking for some mom-time. We headed out to Lord & Taylor. (Do all those women really shop all day?) It was only when we got there that I realized how truly wiped out Ellie was. Sitting in the chair getting her makeup done, she started to cry. The poor woman doing her makeup was truly undone and thought Ellie was unhappy with what she was doing. That wasn’t the case, this was just a really tired, hard-working girl who needed a long nap and some comfort food, not a night out at Prom.

We made it home with twenty minutes to spare before Jordan and his family were to come over. It was a bit of a chinese fire drill, but we got Ellie into her dress, fed her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and she was actually ready to make an entrance when Jordan and his family arrived. If Ellie was suffering fatigue and second-Prom syndrome, Jordan’s family was extremely excited and well turned out. His big and little sister were there and his parents seemed really nice. We took many photos, pinned on a boutonniere and headed to pre-Prom.

There ends my account of prom night. Last seen climbing into a big bus, the kids headed off for a long night of fun. First Prom and dinner, then a wardrobe change, bus ride to the city and post-prom at a club, then back to the breakfast. All I know is I was glad to be able to hit the hay at 9:30. This girl is too old for Prom.

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2 Comments to “Prom 2011–Ellie and Jordan”

  1. WOW! Ellie had the best dress of all the girls in the photo! Beautiful!

  2. Ellie’s dress was perfect and she looked beautiful. Jordan was handsome and looked wonderful. I hope they had a grand time. After reading about Ellie’s work schedule and how tired she was before the dance I can’t imagine how she stayed awake let alone had a good time but I’ll bet she did.! 🙂

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