How Does My Garden Grow?

Half of my herbs

Quite well, thank you.

The summer is just perfect for growing things and my garden is looking pretty good. This year I have stuck to tomatoes and herbs. We almost drowned in cucumbers last year and Peter hated the lettuce which grew fresh and organic in my garden. So, this year it is tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.

Healthy and happy

Few things are as relaxing and pleasant as spending some time tending to the plants in the garden. It is a wonder to watch them grow and to anticipate the fabulous tomatoes and meals soon to come. I have always loved tending things. Back when I used to ride, I enjoyed grooming and caring for the horses as much as riding them. Even stall mucking.
 The garden is the same circular shape as last year and I have the sunflowers growing up through the middle, but I rotated crops and the tomatoes are in ground which hosted other vegetation last year. You are supposed to “rest” the ground for three years, but I will be out of rotations next year so we’ll hope for the best. One of the most interesting things is that I have rogue tomato plants sprouting up all over the place. I wrote previously that we rented a rototiller in the early spring and tilled manure and lime into the soil. There must have been some old tomato seeds as well because I have plants sprouting up and they are flowering and promise to bear fruit. I have had to pull many out, which kills me, to give them space. So much for cutting back on the tomatoes.The herbs are looking well, too. I have  cilantro, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, three kinds of basil and something else  I can no longer identify. They are starting  to get big enough that I can use them. Ellie loves to pluck a basil leaf so  some of it will never make it to the house.

Rogue tomatoes

Such are the pleasures of a summer garden. Eating the produce is only a part of the fun.

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