Hot summer and the tomatoes are plentiful

Fountain of Sunflowers

This has been an unusually hot and wet summer. The tomato plants don’t seem to know if they adore it or not. They are bursting with fruit and I can’t keep up with the production, but it seems to me they are quitting earlier than usual.

The garden looks great overall.  The herbs are plentiful and you can see the basil in the foreground. I have to make some pesto this week. Nothing tastes as wonderful as homemade pesto in January. It still has the sunshine in it. All of the herbs seem to be doing well with the exception of the cilantro which bolted immediately. I also have sage, oregano, marjoram, rosemary and some dill. The other day I diced potatoes, cut handfulls of various herbs from the garden and drizzled them with olive oil. They cooked in a 425 degree oven and smelled fantastic. They didn’t taste at all bad either.

The Green Zebra Tomatoes are just coming in. I had one enormous heirloom tomato with marbled flesh which was unbelievable. It was the only tomato that plant yielded which was sad, but it was worth it. Even though I swear I planted fewer this year, the Black Pearl Tomatoes are more than plentiful. The rogue tomato plants which sprang up from last year’s seeds have also produced. They are a bonus especially since some of them are varieties I didn’t plant this year.

The sunflowers look fantastic again but I think I have waited too long again to harvest the seeds. It doesn’t really matter, I just love the way they look.

I can’t believe this summer has sped by so quickly.


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