Peter’s 21st Birthday

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August 31st was Peter’s 21st birthday!! In a week of major events, this event could have gotten short shrift, but I think we were able to give the newly minted adult his due.

The celebration was held Tuesday, the 30th since we were taking Ellie to Smith on the 31st. There was the obligatory chocolate cake and you would not believe the size of the two slices Peter ate of it!! Alex was on hand long distance and that was appreciated by his younger brother.

One of Peter’s gift was some sort of Bacardi Rum which kind of made me wince, but, hey, he is 21 now. On Monday Peter heads off to Pace.

These are major benchmarks for someone who has faced some big challenges in his life. Peter is amazing in so many ways. He is so exceptionally intelligent and truly can figure out any mechanical or technical device. He is incredibly creative and excellent at problem solving. He is a very loving person and, if he sometimes has trouble with empathy because of his Aspergers, I watch him with his sister and think that there are very few such loving brothers on the earth. Peter’s passion for music is boundless and he loves so many genres–perhaps indiscriminately or it seems that way to me sometimes. He loves fan fiction on the internet and, of course, World of Warcraft. Peter has grown so tremendously over the past few years, he deserves tremendous credit for his achievements. As we celebrate this birthday and prepare to send him off to Pace, I wish and hope for so many good things for him. Mostly I wish him the courage to keep growing and expanding his horizons, the gift of judgement to help him balance his impulses and the promise of great friends and love as he grows into adulthood. At least we know he will come home to visit us as long as Xena and Zoe are living with us.

Happy Birthday, Peter Benjamin. You are truly one of a kind.


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