Peter sets the Pace

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Monday of Labor Day weekend was move in day for Peter at Pace University. It couldn’t have been a much more different experience than taking Ellie to Smith.

It was a bit of a gray day. Having nagged Peter to pack unsuccessfully for a period of weeks, he threw some things together in a couple hours and we loaded it into the car. I have no real idea what he packed. He had been given lists of things he should bring, but I doubt he consulted them. I think his goal was to just throw everything he owned into suitcases and call it quits.

Driving into the city always makes me nervous. But I was the only one nervous. Peter seemed calm and quietly eager to get to school. He had seen his apartment, met the kids he would be living with and he told us we didn’t need to hang around. Just drop him, get his stuff to his apartment and we were released. Wow, I was more nervous than he was.

Peter is living in a three-bedroom apartment about a block from the main campus with five other boys. The building is on Fulton Street. It is quite a sweet set up. They have a kitchen and two full bathrooms. Most people living in Manhattan and working don’t have such great digs. The new Gehry building rises in the block between Peter’s dorm and the main Pace building. The whole area will be transformed as that building opens.

They had a great system for dealing with the city streets and dropping kids at Fulton. There were cones out and a lane to park in. They had giant plastic bins on wheels and one pulled up to the front of the building, unloaded into bins and then wheeled the bins into the building. We pulled up, filled two bins, Jim went to park the car, Peter to sign in and I stayed with the stuff on the street. It is a busy city street and quite exciting. If Ellie is ensconced in pastoral Northampton, Peter is about two blocks from Ground Zero and in the heart of the Financial District.

The entrance to Fulton is quite attractive. Peter is on the 14th floor. When we arrived, the apartment was in complete disarray and I have no doubt that it is still in at least as much disarray. The only decor was a giant Yankees poster. Peter’s room mate, Geoff, was quiet but friendly. The room is tiny. Truly only large enough for the two single beds, one desk and not much else. They have one small closet to share. Good thing this was a room for boys because I don’t know two girls who could manage with that closet. The beds are raised and can actually become bunk beds. Storage under the beds is essential. Peter started unpacking and we began to discover all the things he didn’t bring. Hangers. Wastebasket. Shower caddy and shower shoes. The list goes on…

Peter kindly let me make his bed, stowed his things under his bed and then told us we could leave. I felt quite undone by the whole thing. If dropping Ellie was a warm trip down memory lane, dropping Peter made me feel bereft. How ironic since he has spent so much time away from us and is three years older and geographically closer. This mom stuff is always a revelation.

Of course, we were only half way home when Peter called to ask if he had any money and complain that his laptop wouldn’t work…That’s our Peter. It certainly helped blunt my sense of sadness.

Peter seems quite at home at Pace. We almost never hear from him. With the credits from the courses he took at Westchester Community College, he is actually a transfer student and a sophomore as are the kids he is living with. I think it makes a big difference. He likes his classes. He really likes his apartment and the guys he lives with. His room mate, Geoff, is moving out and Peter will have the room to himself. He loves wandering around the city and being in that urban environment.  The Oasis Program works with him regularly to make sure he gets his work done. He is close enough to home that he came home for the weekend of the 17-18 and visited with his cats and us. I think it is an excellent set up.

Jim and I are officially empty nesters. More on that later once I figure out if I think that is a good or a bad thing.


One Comment to “Peter sets the Pace”

  1. Its hard to believe you and Jim are old enough to be empty nesters! Oncethe initial shock passes it fun 🙂

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