Postcard from Ellie at Smith

Recent email from Ellie:

just had Quad Riot a little while
ago. Of course I missed everyone w/ all the water balloons I threw, but I got
nailed w/ a bucket of water,curdled milk, and what smelled like a combo of
 pickle juice and sour cream….evidently Morrow decided not to follow the no
compost/food rule…..bastards….Despite my smell and wounded pride I
proceeded to Carol Christ’s house w/ the rest of the quad to scream outside her
 house. We yelled for quite awhile until her husband finally came out and
informed us that Carol was out of town…coward! :p

Overall it was still a fun riot, as
 my fellow Comstockers began streaking the quad (we have a rep to updhold) I
instead decided to end the night by running up to the showers immediately 🙂

Let me add some context. Quad Riot didn’t exist in my day, but it is a giant food fight in the Quad. The Head Residents get together to pick the day and email the students. I guess the food part was supposed to become water balloons only, but apparently that didn’t happen. The Quad Riot is a precursor to massing in front of the President’s house and calling for Mountain Day. We did do that in my day. Carol Christ is a very nice rather soft-spoken lady. I feel for her poor spouse who has probably been left to defuse the post-riot before. Mountain Day is one of Smith’s best traditions. A surprise announced in the morning by the tolling of the bells in Helen Hills Hills Chapel, it is a day the President has chosen when classes are cancelled and everyone is to head outside and enjoy the fall. Weeks are spent wondering when Mountain Day will be and the tension mounts. The lore around when it may or may not occur is legendary. It can’t be a Monday or a Friday. It can’t be a rainy day. It has to happen before Fall Break, but not before the end of September. To this day I feel a special sense of nostalgia when it is Mountain Day and email my friends who are Smithies the news.

Needless to say, Ellie is a Smithie now. She is fully immersed in the place and its traditions.


3 Comments to “Postcard from Ellie at Smith”

  1. Great post. Brings back a flood of memories, and I didn’t even go to Smith! But it captures college and all that is so special about those years. Lovely.

  2. I can feel it perfectly, and I didn’t go to Smith either. How beautiful. For me, the college memory centers around strawberries. On May 1st the dining hall served all the strawberries you could possibly consume. Endless enormous bowls were brought out, along with dipping cream, brown sugar, and chocolate syrup. Apparently someone had loved the tradition so much, she left a special endowment to make sure it continued. Not nearly as fun as throwing water balloons on people, though!

  3. This brought back so much of my Smith time! I lived on the Quad for two years (didn’t fit in as much as I wanted to), and loved the Quad riots! It was such a perfect time to be so…bad. This totally brings back my Smithie times…. Oh I’m so jealous!

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