Fried Green Tomatoes

I expect I am in very good company when I say that I have always been enchanted by Fannie Flagg’s FRIED GREEN TOMOATOES AT THE WHISTLE STOP CAFE. I have loved that book since I first read it and have always been fascinated by the idea of fried green tomatoes.

WIth the cooling temperature and the unprecedented rains, I have ended up with a large amount of green tomatoes which will never ripen. So, I decided to satisfy my curiosity and made fried green tomatoes for dinner.

I downloaded a recipe from, harvested a bag of tomatoes from the garden and we headed to the country for the weekend. Friday’s dinner was steak with fried green tomatoes and baked potatoes.

The hard green tomatoes were quite beautiful when sliced. There were subtle shadings of lighter green and tinges of red through some of them. The green color was gorgeous. I bit into one and it was hard and had an unpleasantly sharp taste.

Pinwheels of color

Mostly making fried green tomatoes consists of a bath in flour, egg wash and a mix of bread crumbs and corn meal. Throw that into some oil and that’s the game. The recipe called for vegetable oil, totally appropriate, but I went for olive oil because I just like it better. So, I guess these are fried green tomatoes Yankee style.

Corn meal with breadcrumbs and egg wash

Dipping anything into egg and breadcrumbs is one of my least favorite sensations. I try to use a fork or something and keep my fingers clean, but if that isn’t working then slowly the coating builds up and starts to make me really unhappy. Half way through Jim stepped in to save me. But don’t the slices look beautiful all piled together?

Discs of brilliant green

As the breaded tomatoes fried, they softened and the smell was a wonderful mixture of the tang of the tomato, the warm olive smell of the oil and things looked pretty promising indeed.

Browning nicely

Basically Jim and I agreed that pretty much anything breaded and fried tastes good and fried green tomatoes were no exception. Jim ate his with sour cream. This is very much the same recipe I learned from my friend, Tom Scanlon, when I lived in Vienna. He used eggplant and that has always been a favorite with the Frost offspring. I’ll have to try this on them as well. Given Peter’s violent dislike of tomatoes, it could be an interesting test.

So, my curiousity is satisfied. I have enjoyed fried green tomatoes. May have to re-read the book now. A happy outcome as well.


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  1. And you decided to make this the weekend I’m not home visitng because?….

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