Mountain Day

Once a year at Smith comes a magical day…Mountain Day!! The chapel bells ring early in the morning, classes are cancelled and all Smithies head out to hike, pick apples and enjoy the days of fall.

Of course, like Christmas, the best part of Mountain Day may be the expectation. Excitement builds day by day as Smithies try to guess when the big day will come. Endlessly discussed at meals, in dorm rooms, before and after class, speculation builds around certain “rules.” Mountain Day can’t be a Friday because then it would just be a long weekend. Mountain day can’t be a Monday, but, wait, wasn’t there a Mountain on a Monday several years ago? The weather forecast enters in to the calculations, too. The weather has to be good or no one could go apple picking. And Mountain Day has to take place before the fall break at Columbus Day weekend.

The endless handicapping eventually translates into action. No one is exempt most especially the decision-maker.

Poor Carol Christ has her dog running loose, is standing in her pajamas facing a crowd of excited and rather rowdy women. It is all part of the fun of Mountain Day.

Mountain Day doubles as a much-beloved tradition and a great way to let Smithies blow off some steam and release tension as they dig into the new school year.

Wednesday was Mountain Day this year. My own Smithie called me even as the bells were pealing and her friends were shouting. It was fun to be on the phone and experience the hilarity and excitement. Ellie did go apple picking and sent me some photos from the field.

Mountain Day is so beloved that the alumnae association sends an email out to all alums announcing that it is THE DAY. Every year when I get that email, the fond memories of those days return.

I think there should be a Mountain Day in everyone’s life. A time to kick back and just enjoy a gorgeous day and live in the present with no thoughts or cares of yesterday or tomorrow.


One Comment to “Mountain Day”

  1. Happy Mountain Day! I look forward to receiving my eamil every year. No matter where I am in the world it makes me smile. Hope you had a good one!

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