Trick or Treat

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The weekend before Halloween. People are dressing up in costumes and planning for Halloween parties and fun. Zombies seem to be everywhere this year.

Mother Nature planned her own Trick or Treat.

With little warning, just the weatherman predicting a few early snowflakes, Mother Nature pulled her own trick dumping over 18 inches of snow on the ground Saturday.

Having not been to the country for two weeks, I was bound and determined to get there this weekend. Jeff (our friend and caretaker) had called to report that beavers had taken up residence in our pond. It must have been the heavy, heavy rains in late summer and fall. We haven’t had a problem with beavers since before Alex was born. I really wanted to get up to see the situation.

Jim, on the other hand, was not so motivated. He had piles of work to do and had just gone through an extremely exciting and yet challenging work week. He demurred about heading up Friday night and Saturday morning was no more inclined to go. So I packed up the cats and Dakota and headed up in the Subaru myself.

It was a relief to see that Jeff had done a fantastic job encouraging the beavers to move elsewhere. When I drove up to the house, the pond was drained and Jeff subsequently told me he had demolished the beaver hutch. Demolishing a beaver hutch is no mean feat. These guys are amazing builders. They weaves sticks and mud together into a structure which is close to impossible to take apart. I was very happy that Jeff had had that pleasure.

It was 33 degrees and the snowflakes were falling faster and faster. I began to move the porch and patio furniture into the garage and close the storms, replace the screens on the doors with storms and drain the outside faucets. By the time I had finished there were four inches of fluffy flakes on the ground and I made my first pass with the shovel.

Dakota was in heaven. He loves the snow and he raced around the yard like a madman. The evening was cozy. The news said we would get 18 inches of snow at least and over 500,000 customers were without power in Connecticut alone. I headed to bed around 9:30 and shortly thereafter the power went. And then it came back on because our fantastic generator which we installed two years ago kicked into play. I slept toasty warm all night with my faithful hound at my side.

The next morning was the treat. The day was gloriously fresh and clean. The snow was piled high and the skies were brilliant blue. Dakota and I got out and shoveled the drive. The snow was so deep he couldn’t even play in it and had to stay to the paths I had shoveled. I could hear the motors of the generators up and down the road. They say it will be some time before the power comes back on. So many trees still had leaves and they acted as little shovels to hold the falling snow causing lots of tree damage and power lines down.

Mother Nature played her trick and treat and she costumed the countryside in a gorgeous white pelt.


2 Comments to “Trick or Treat”

  1. That house looks so inviting that I could be angling for an invitation one of these days!

  2. I can not believe the snow you were lucky you got up there before the storm! I agree with Nancy the house looks picture perfect, and I’m sure it is. 🙂

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