The Betty Frost Fan Club Gathering

The weekend of January 6-9, 27 many Frosts gathered in Stuart, Florida to celebrate the 90th birthday of Betty Frost. Betty’s five children formed the core of this group (or “corps” as a Frost would put it), the balance of attending admirers were Betty’s significant other and consort, the redoubtable and loveable Bill, various spouses, girlfriends, grandchildren and the one person who could almost steal center stage from Betty, her great-grandchild, five-month old Deacon.

Crowds of Frosts began arriving as early as Thursday with more joining Friday and throughout the weekend. Headquartered in two houses right on the beach on Hutchinson Island near the famous House of Refuge, the weekend was a constantly changing kaleidoscope of Frosts. The weather was perfectly warm and sunny and the constant breaking of waves on the beach punctuated the chatter as everyone caught up with recent events and made acquaintance with new arrivals to the clan.

The weekend was a combination of planned events and relaxed gatherings. Friday night kicked off the festivities with sandwiches in the house which was headquarters for the Michigan Frosts (including a few formerly Michigan Frosts). Early risers tended to gather there as well to greet the dawn,drink coffee and chat quietly. During the day, movement and gatherings tended to shift to the New York/Atlanta contingents’ house two doors down the beach.

The days were filled with walks on the beach, sporting events on the tv, lots of use of electronic devices from Cupertino and several forays to local favorites spots for lunch.

Saturday night was the formal dinner event at Prawnbrokers. We had a nice back room all to ourselves and enjoyed tasty food, lots of photo opportunities and great conversation.

Sunday night was a second informal celebration at the New York/Atlanta contingent’s house featuring the birthday girl, a host of admirers, a popular cake and singing.

Perhaps one of my favorite moments of the weekend took place as flocks of Frosts gathered to greet yet another arriving couple. Almost all of us were gathered in a small space to make welcome the arrivals and my beloved spouse, the youngest of Betty’s five, said to his mother, “This is all your doing. We would not be here without you.” Of course, Jack’s presence was there as well as a nod to the past and to the progeniture of the family. It seemed to me to be the most fitting tribute to a woman who has lived her life with dignity, great intelligence and humor and a strength of spirit.

The weekend was great fun, full of warm camaraderie and a testament to how lucky we all are to have Betty and to have this outstanding family she has built.

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WARNING: you may need to be a Frost to make it through the entire slideshow.


2 Comments to “The Betty Frost Fan Club Gathering”

  1. My beloved Bette, my beloved mother-in-law, lived a life of dignity, spirit, adventure and compassion. She died Friday at the age of 89. Though mine is not an appropriate response to your note of celebration, I want you to know how much your tribute to your Betty means to me. That you wrote it today is a gift to me. Thank you. Sharon

  2. JENNY! THANKS SO MUCH! Just sent this to Mom to enjoy.

    Linda Frost

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