Knitting for the troops

While Alex was home on leave this January, he asked me to knit him a hat. I am pretty much always thrilled when any of my children ask me to make them something. It means I can be fairly certain that if I make the effort, they will actually use and enjoy what I have made.

We discussed certain options and one thing Alex wants is a hat decorated with the Frost crest.

The Frost Crest

I will admit I gulped a bit when I pictured myself rending this rather complex design onto the front of a hat, but I guess I am game. It would be unusual.

We also had a long discussion about the color coyote brown.  This is apparently the color du jour in the military. I googled coyote brown yarn, but for some reason the yarn industry hasn’t latched onto this meaningful colorway yet. See the swatch below:

What a lovely shade for someone who really doesn’t like browns that much. But it is for my Alex. Further sleuthing revealed that they do make Paracord in coyote brown. Now, this could be really useful. If you needed some paracord, you could just unravel your hat. Might not get you too far, but could do in a pinch.

However, what I also found was a wonderful site and organization founded after 9/11 which knits for the troops. The Ships Project offers guidelines and patterns on what the troops need to help them be comfortable on the ground, on ships, etc. Not only does knitting keep the troops’ toes warm or necks cool, as the case may need to be, it reminds them that we are thinking of them and appreciate the sacrifices they make for us–no matter our own personal politics.

So, I’ve got my work cut out for me. From the challenge of duplicating that crest to finding something besides paracord in coyote brown and finding the extra time to make something for someone serving far from home.


2 Comments to “Knitting for the troops”

  1. Lucky Alex! You have a win win situation. You are going to have a great time knitting and Alex will have fun wearing his mom’s present.
    I once made socks with a Beta crest on them for a college boyfriend. The socks never fit, probably because each was a different size. But the boy friend and his father were really impressed and pleased. I no longer knit because I can’t seem to count stitches. I envy your skill and admire your products. 🙂

  2. I too have just been given the by the one of my Marine sons. Knit him some neck gaiters in coyote brown! I have the pattern but now am on the hunt for the elusive color in a wool fingering weight yarn.
    So if you find it I would really like to know!!! I just know my other Marine and there friends will want some too!

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