Making It Matter

As I continue to make contacts in the nonprofit world, I am the recipient of much new information and advice. One of my recent connections suggested that I consider working with the Taproot Foundation. Taproot provides pro bono consultants for nonprofit organizations. That is a simplistic statement of what they do because there is actually a lot of process and procedure involved.

Over the course of the ten years of their existence, Taproot has developed extensive experience in insuring that both the nonprofit and the consultants have a positive experience. Making sure the end product is what was needed in the first place and is of high quality is important both because everyone spends a significant amount of time and resources on the projects and to insure that Taproot itself can gain funding to continue to be the key provider of services.

I have been extremely lucky with my Taproot experience so far. I seem to have contacted them at the perfect moment. They staff projects three times each year and I hooked up with them just as they began the staffing for the first wave of the year. They had accepted proposals for service grants from nonprofits until December 1st. Then they evaluated the grant requests over the holidays and January. This evaluation process includes interviewing the requesting nonprofit and making sure that they understand what they need and want and that they are prepared to do the necessary work on their end. A similar process of training and vetting occurs with regards to the consultants. Most consultants are actually engaged in the for-profit world and simply want to use their skills to help an organization. Of course, I want to move into the nonprofit world so I hope to help an organization and gain some very useful hands on experience.

I am tremendously excited to be starting a Visual Branding project with a family services organization. This week I will meet the team at the Family Center with whom I will be working. After this initial meeting, we will begin pulling the team of pro bono consultants together and shortly thereafter, we’ll have our Kickoff Meeting.

I am extremely fortunate to have gotten a project so quickly and I look forward to meeting new people, working as part of the team and making a positive difference for a worthy organization.


2 Comments to “Making It Matter”

  1. I just logged on to my email to find your exciting news. This is great! Congratulations on finding pro bono work with an organization you believe in. I can’t wait to learn more about how the project takes shape and the folks involved. They are fortunate to have you. Enjoy yourself. Sharon

  2. Sounds like a great idea. You will be wonderful and it should be fun, educational and challenging. 🙂
    I’ll be praying for you

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