Bullriding: My Favorite Sport

There is always some hullabaloo going on about a sport. In the fall and winter, football is America’s obsession. In the spring and summer, everyone catches baseball fever. The only reason I care how many days until pitchers and catchers is that it means winter is almost over.

Of course, right now the big obsession is Lin-sanity. Longterm business stand-offs like the fight between Time Warner Cable and Madison Square Garden are being resolved by a tall, dark horse, Harvard graduate who has vaulted to the top of everyone’s consciousness. It is hard not to find Jeremy Lin exciting. Who doesn’t love an underdog showing just what they can do and astounding everyone? But just because I admire Jeremy Lin, I am not actually going to sit down to watch basketball.

My sport is one with all the blood and guts of football, the athleticism of basketball and the studied skill of baseball. My sport finds just as many teeth knocked loose as hockey and requires the stamina of a soccer star. My sport involves one on one competition along with competition against other athletes, but it is not a team sport. My favorite sport requires the questionable sanity of a rugby player and is as international as cricket.

I love bullriding. There is nothing better than spinning the dial on a Saturday night, knitting in hand, and coming up with a broadcast of Professional Bull Riding. Well, actually being there is better. The dirt, the crowd, the cowboys, the wrecks, it is all good.

Now, I have to be honest. Bullriding is not Jim’s favorite sport. In fact, no one else in my family really enjoys a nice evening of watching the bulls and boys. But every once in a while, they let me indulge.


One Comment to “Bullriding: My Favorite Sport”

  1. I don’t know what to say. I’m sorta stunned. I guess I should say, “Enjoy.” 🙂 Sharon

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