Taking the Pig for a Walk

Alex has been in the field lately. While it is undoubtedly hard work with long days and lots of physical exertion, I know he loves driving the “Pig.” The pig is his platoon‘s Light Armored Vehicle. I think I have written about this before. It isn’t really all that light. It weighs 16 tons. It is hardly a high performance vehicle. I think its top cruising speed is 35 miles. But you can’t tell me a bunch of Marines out in the middle of the desert driving around in this big pig can’t have a good time. The only downside is that when you get back to the depot, you have to clean the “Pig” not to mention yourselves.

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To be quite honest, I had never seen the video before. As a mom, I will confess I am a bit more nervous about Alex’s obsession with the driving the pig. No wonder they got so dirty…


2 Comments to “Taking the Pig for a Walk”

  1. At first glance I thought you were talking about Dakota…lol

  2. No wonder Alex thinks the pig is great, it looks like a boys dream machine. To a grandmother it looks terrifying. if I had to ride in that I’d be so car sick–ick. BUT isn’t it neat that Alex is enjoying it while learning so much. Kids are wonderful

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