Lauren and Jenny Play Hookey

When I was in kindergarten, my best friend Betsy and I decided to play hookey. We weren’t really proficient at this and all we could think to do was hide behind a tree by the tennis club. It was a really long morning and completely boring and I think that early formative experience has contributed greatly to my very rarely playing hookey.

But sometimes an offer comes along that is just too good to pass up and it leads directly to a heavenly, frolicsome day of playing hookey. When Lauren emailed asking if I wanted to go to the Members Preview of the New York Botanical Garden’s 2012 Orchid Show, I was there without a moment’s hesitation. Good girl goes bad in the most delicious way.

There was a time when I had way too many orchids. It was a fever. An overwhelming passion. If there are some 60,000 varieties of orchids, I was on my to owning them all. Well, not quite, but I did have close to 100 and it took me almost two hours to water them each week. That was before the “Great Orchid Death” which took place when I left my orchids outside one July while we went on a bike trip through the Canadian Rockies. One orchid survived. To be truthful, it was a bit of a relief, but I can feel that fever starting to climb again. For Christmas, I asked Jim for an orchid…

Lauren’s invitation was also most welcome because I have missed seeing her since we stopped working together. When we were at Crown, we had many fun adventures, many involved yarn and wine, so added to the excitement of the Orchid Show was the opportunity to spend some time with “Sharkey”– a mis-spelling in a newspaper account which became her nickname.

I picked Lauren up at the Botanical Garden Metro North stop and we drove to park. It was the preview day and streams of “ladies who lunch” were heading to the exhibit. This year the show featured vertical gardens designed by Patrick Blanc. A french botanist, Patrick loves the effect of “walls of green” or in this case walls of green with brilliant flowers. Patrick was quite amazing himself. His hair was dyed green and matched his shirt perfectly. I do not think that was probably the only eccentric aspect to Patrick.

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We finished walking the show all too quickly. With our senses full of the colors and scents of so many gorgeous flowers, we headed to the Cafe for lunch and a long chat. After lunch, we checked out the shop and then stopped in another cafe for coffee and more chat. It was a wonderful afternoon and I have to say it was a heck of a lot more fun than hiding behind a tree all morning.


One Comment to “Lauren and Jenny Play Hookey”

  1. What a fabulous sounding day. I love orchids also. I have nothing exotic but they are still lovely. I buy them at Costco and keep inside until the blooms fall then I tie them in the trees outside our windows and just leave them They thrive. Today I have a lovely yellow, a deep purple, a white and a pink all blooming among the branches. Heaven knows what will come next. Now I’ll thing of you when I look at my flowers.

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