Hedgehog Mitts

Hedgehog mania doesn’t stop with dictionary phrases or cute pictures. Amazingly, I found a pattern at Morehouse Merino for Hedgehog Mittens. I had to order the pattern.

Before I could begin the hedgehog mittens, I had to finish the sweater Ellie requested. This was the outcome of a visit to Northampton. Ellie complained of the cold. It is really cold in Northampton. She actually asked if I would make her a sweater. Given that none of my children have been willing to wear things I had knit for them since they started dressing themselves, this was a big deal. We headed straight in to Northampton Wools and bought some gorgeous purple Merino and a pattern of Ellie’s choice. It turned out quite nicely. I am pleased to report that Ellie wears her sweater constantly.

Emboldened by this triumph, I began the hedgehog mittens. I felt a certain impetus to knit quickly lest Spring overtake me and the warm weather obviate the need for mittens. The need for speed was somewhat hampered by the fact that the hedgehog mittens featured quills on the back of each hand. Each “quill” required using a cable cast on to cast on four stitches and then binding off each of the four stitches. A plain knit stitch separated each quill and each row of quills was separated by a row of knit stitch. Nonetheless, it was a little like climbing up and down hills with my needles and geometrically increased the number of stitches knit for each mitten.

Well, the mittens are done. They look pretty cute. They are wrapped and ready to post to the girl. Let’s hope for some cold weather for just a bit longer.

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2 Comments to “Hedgehog Mitts”

  1. The only things cuter than those hedgehog mittens are the knitter who practically killed herself to get them done on time, and the lucky girl whose hands they adorn.

  2. Beautiful daughter, loving Mum, gorgeous sweater, breathtaking mittens… The mittens remind me of my childhood LOVE of Sheri Lewis! I don’t know enough about hedgehogs but I adored Lamp Chop. Sharon

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