Poor, Lonely Blog

I am a poor, lonely blog, all too long ignored by my blogger. She should feel very naughty for letting me sit with nothing to say for so very long. Perhaps if you, my readers, would all write my blogger notes, she would be inspired, encouraged, guilted into writing me again.

Please write her, tell her she needs to mend her ways and write me again.

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6 Comments to “Poor, Lonely Blog”

  1. I’ve missed your blogs. You are my only blogger friend. 🙂

  2. Sounds like two girls aren’t walkin’, they’re sittin’. Come on, Digital Diva, sing it!

  3. Your blog and my blog should get together! I completely dropped mine – with any luck we will both find our blogger muse once again.

    • I think I may have mine back. It is so easy to fall out of habit. For me, it just means thinking about what is relevant in my life and sitting down to write. Once I start, the ideas begin to flow.

  4. Like Dawn A Kerth, you are my only blogger friend. Glad you’re getting your groove back!

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