Two-Berry Kinda Girl

This is perhaps an indiscreet post. There are some things one shouldn’t really expose about oneself or write about. I’ve thought long and hard about this, but we’re all friends here so I am going to share something a bit embarrassing and, well, indiscreet.

For years I have suffered from an addiction. It isn’t pretty to have to talk about this, but I have been totally and completely addicted to my Blackberry. It just fits right into my palm. I can carry it anywhere or I can put it in my purse. I am never without it. There have been a few times when I have failed to re-charge in a timely fashion and I have to tell you the result is not good. Once or twice I have failed to replace it in my purse and left the house without it. I kid you not, my hands were shaking. I was out of touch. Untethered. Who knows what could be happening–I certainly wouldn’t.  As I said, this is rough stuff, but I knew you could handle this level of honesty and not let it affect our relationship.

Of course, the need to have my Berry with me is one thing. What I do with it is quite another. It doesn’t matter the day of week, the time of day, my location; I check my email, texts and messages compulsively. My family will tell you. Even on vacation, I can slip that little puppy out of my purse and just have a quick peek. Just in case. There could be a major development. Some key transmission of information and data and I would need to know it.

My Beautiful Berries

Keeping all of this tawdry drama in mind, you can probably imagine how I feel now that I am employed and have not one, but two Berries!! Look at these babies. My Purple Berry is my work Berry. It is a Blackberry Bold 9930. This puppy is hot. She is sleek and her keys have great click-like movement. Twitter feeds are gorgeous on her and so is Facebook. She is one hot Momma. My Red Berry is for personal use. She is a Blackberry Curve 9330–a compact little minx and she has everything I need to stay in touch with my family and friends. She may not be quite as big as Purple Berry, but she brings messages of love and what’s needed from the grocery store, so she’s got a special place in my heart.

So, there you have it. My subway rides are orgiastic moments of Blackberry checking. First one, then the other. I get it all done. My train rides follow suit. Purple Berry first? Red Berry waits her turn. They’re patient and they know they each have their place in my heart. After all…

I am a Two-Berry Kinda Girl.


2 Comments to “Two-Berry Kinda Girl”

  1. I well understand… I’m guilty, too. That’s why, when we first set up house and became a family, I made one ironclad rule: no phone calls and subsequently, no emails during dinner. It may be brief, only 30 minutes on some busy nights, but it’s the only time of the day we are together and it is solely about those around the table.

  2. speechless

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