Lance Corporal Frost on Leave

It was a surprise and joy that Alex was able to get a week’s leave. He arrived home just two weeks ago and we were able to spend a wonderful seven days with him.

Here are my boys lounging on the new deck. Please note Alex’s remarkable farmer’s tan. This was just after Peter and Alex went swimming in the pool with the broken heater. It was a “frosty” 72 degrees.

Everyone loves hanging out on the deck. It may have been three years in the making with thousands in legal bills, but it is a great deck and it is completely compliant with all town regs.

One of the highlights for the guys was going to a Yankee/Mets game at Yankee Stadium. It was a perfect summer day and they had a great time. Yankees won 5-4 so all was perfect. We also enjoyed several lovely dinners on the deck and Peter really got into drinking beer so the three of them had great fun trying different craft brews.

Oddly enough they don’t serve New York bagels with cream cheese at Camp Pendleton. Peter got Alex some special cream cheese with jalapenos and lox which was greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

Alex was home for Father’s Day which made that extra special. We had a joint celebration of Alex having been home and Father’s Day on Saturday night.

Here is a surprised looking Dad. Well, not really. He had chosen and ordered his own Father’s Day present and I wrapped it up. It was just what he wanted.

This is what a Marine looks like after he’s been out with his friends until 3 a.m. and has enjoyed beer, tequila, gin an heaven knows what else. It was a quiet last day before we took our Marine to the airport. All in all, I think he got the mothering, relaxing, carousing, and feeding that he needed. And I got to hug the fellow every time I laid eyes on him.


One Comment to “Lance Corporal Frost on Leave”

  1. Thnak you for sharing this with me. An unexpedected leave is a gift and as a former Infantryman I can feel the joy.
    Martin Levin

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