Would You Buy A Burger From This Guy?

Despite the sun squint on his face, this week marked a big step in Peter’s life. This week Peter joined the working world!

After weeks of trying to crack getting that first job, Peter was hired at a newly opening franchise for the burger chain, Smashburger. I have to admit I felt good about his chances at getting hired when Peter reported that he had engaged the hiring manager in conversation. When Peter chats, he is devastatingly charming. When the call came, Peter got the barest details, but he knew when to report for training.

Monday was his first day. Jim and I waited anxiously for Peter to return home after his first day. He arrived home after 10 p.m., but he was upbeat and happy. He reported that only 6% of the beef used in burgers in the U.S. is Angus, but all burgers at Smashburger are 100% Angus. We had to admire his enthusiasm.

Subsequent days have supported this positive situation. Peter reports that he is doing well at work. The restaurant is set to open this coming Wednesday so they are still in training mode, but the set up seems ideal for Peter. Orders are placed at the front register and then diners take a number and sit down at the table. Orders are then assembled and brought to the appropriate table. Peter is working the front of the restaurant so I guess he’ll be taking orders. This is a great situation for him.

Working is a major milestone in everyone’s life. Having a job makes one feel useful, builds confidence and, despite the loss of freedom, gives one a sense of purpose. This is all happening for Peter and it is very exciting. The next big development is getting that first pay check. We can’t wait to see how Peter reacts to having truly earned the first money in his life. That money represents accomplishment and self-sufficiency. We are loving watching Peter reach this stage in his life.


4 Comments to “Would You Buy A Burger From This Guy?”

  1. He is in my prayers. A first job is challenging1

  2. I would definitely buy a burger from Peter – congratulations to Peter and Mom and Dad as well!
    Arlene Cohen

  3. Yes, I would! Maybe we’ll travel down county and do just that. Congratulations!

  4. I am filled with happiness at Peter’s success. He has responded to the challenge, of charting a course that included a leave of absence from Pace, of finding a full-time position in this troubled economy, and of distinguishing himself from among the pool of new hires as someone who learns fast, is a problem-solver, and is willing to take on responsibility. Now that he has earned a merit award and been named shift leader, it seems clear that he is excelling, and loving it!

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