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May 22, 2013

Where Does My Garden Grow?

Last weekend Jim and I headed to the country both to enjoy the spring and to open the house after a long, if snow-less winter. We were also preparing the house for The Arrival–Alex comes home on leave this Saturday!

Based on my experience last summer, I have decided to move my garden to the country. Now that I am thankfully gainfully employed, it proved tough tending my garden. I would get home late and tired. Weekends we went to the country. My tomatoes felt unloved and unkempt. Weed growth soared.

So here are two views of my newly planted beds.

photo (59)    photo (58)

The tall stuff growing at the right end of the upper photo is garlic. I have tomato plants and a wide selection of herbs. The tomatoes have spilled over into the bed below our stone wall where the rhubarb grows. This is where once long ago, pre-children I first grew tomatoes. It is an excellent spot as it gets lots of sun which reflects warmth off the stones. It will be fun to see which bed yields best.

Here are a few more photos of Frosts enjoying the first sit on a newly washed front porch:

photo (66) photo (69) photo (67)

So very wonderful to have summer coming right along. And even more exciting to have Alex and Ferd both about to arrive for a great visit. More on that shortly…

May 19, 2013

The Endless Swedish Sweater

I began this sweater so long ago, I don’t even remember when it was. In fact not only has the yarn I knit it with been discontinued, the store I bought it at went out of business over five years ago.

photo (49)

I began working on the sweater last fall just as Sandy hit. I knit the sleeves in the dark. Actually, I knit them over an over as I strived to get them right.

This was my first steek experience. I am still not sure I did it right.

But here it is.

photo (73)

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