A Week Too Short…

The greatly anticipated (by me for sure) visit home by Alex has now come to an inevitable close. When I awoke this morning, I had a text telling me he was safely back in his barracks. It was a great, great week and a wonderful (in my opinion) visit–made even more special with the addition of Ferd for most of the week. But let’s hit rewind and I will share a few of the highlights.

It was a week of contrasts from the weather perspective. We picked Alex up Saturday morning in a cold, grey rain. Sweaters and long pants were de rigeur. I even had to put the heat on in the house briefly.

We spent the first day in Rye Brook and had a lovely dinner with the five of us Saturday night. Peter and Ellie both had obligations so Sunday Alex, Jim and I headed to the country. Sunday was grey, but not so grey that we couldn’t harvest some rhubarb and bake Sandy’s Rhubarb Cake–a longtime Alex favorite.

photo (57)photo (56)Monday (Memorial Day proper) was sunny and much warmer. We spent a lovely morning sunning on the patio and Alex demonstrated the technique a Marine uses for pre-deployment leave enjoyment.

photo (60)Happily Dakota was there to make sure Alex’s technique was perfect and effective!

Monday we headed back to Rye Brook to pick up Ferd from the airport. While many had to prepare to go to work on Tuesday, my own leave was beginning. The intent of my week was to spend my time and energy catering to Alex and enjoying his presence. Ellis snapped this shot of Alex further demonstrating his finely honed technique for enjoying leave.

photo (62)Happily Dakota was right there with him checking on technique and efficiency. That dog never quits!

All week I cooked Alex’s favorite foods. We had baked chicken from GREAT FOOD FAST! We had the aforementioned rhubarb cake, bread pudding with caramel sauce, salmon with thai pepper sauce, thai marinated beef, french toast and all of Alex’s favorites. The bread pudding served double duty as a belated 25th birthday cake.

photo (61)As the week progressed, the weather improved and improved. Well, actually, it went a little overboard and by Thursday we were roasting in the hot summer sun. That was fine. It just meant our Marine could finally use the pool.

photo (64)

Not everyone needed to be wet to enjoy the poolside atmosphere.

photo (63)

Thursday night was our last night all together and so we celebrated Ellie’s 20th birthday three days early. The weather made it perfect for dining al fresco.

photo (65)The young lady was properly feted and we had a lovely evening together.

photo (70) photo (71)photo (68)Friday night was the long awaited baseball outing. Alex, Peter and Jim headed to Yankee Stadium to enjoy the Yankees rout of the Boston Red Sox. (Good thing since they just lost four games to the Mets in the Subway series). Ellie, Ferd and I dined out in Port Chester. Ellie and I are no longer (happily) allowed to go to the game due to past transgressions which included reading Gone With the Wind at the game and asking to go home at the 7th Inning stretch.

photo (52)

Our last day with Alex was gorgeous. We spent hours in the pool and even Dakota got a little swimming in.

photo (73) photo (74)

It was wonderful to have all three of my chickies together. It was equally wonderful to have Ferd with us. I think a fantastic time was had by all.

photo (72)photo (75)

But all good things must come to an end.


2 Comments to “A Week Too Short…”

  1. Wonderful post about a wonderful visit. Your photos make the events come alive, along with that picture taken by the nice lady from North Carolina at Yankee Stadium (t’was not a rout, but an even more exciting close game, and Alex was rooting them home!). I guess someone else will have to step up and motorboat Dakota around the pool on hot days, but Alex was the master motorboater. And you feted him in grand style all week.

  2. It’s lovely to read about your week with your kids. Thank you. And, that rhubarb cake? OMG. It looks scrumptious. See you very soon. xo Sharon

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