Baby’s Growing Up

After the big storm (our own Superstorm Frost) wiped out the second lot of trees, we decided to plant some new. It would be our down payment to the future.

We planted a sweet and brave young maple to replace the two behemoths which were shading the side of the house and we lost in the first big storm. Jim yearned to replace the Crabapple in our front yard. I lusted after a Flowering Dogwood. I didn’t want the usual native flowering dogwood which blooms in early spring. I wanted a Japanese Flowering Dogwood. 

The Japanese variety has beautifully shaped blossoms which radiate in varying shades of white from a green center. They are very delicate and, at least in our neck of the woods, bloom for about two weeks in June. It was the delicate pattern of these blossoms which drew me to the tree. I had long admired them around the neighborhood.

photo (77)

This must be about year four or maybe five. Our baby is really taking root and this is the first year it has truly exploded into blossom. The fact that this show will last such a short time makes it all the better.

photo (76)


2 Comments to “Baby’s Growing Up”

  1. Gorgeous dahlin’ – a little taste of the south!

  2. The tree is beautiful! We have regular dogwoods that came with the house more than 48 years ago and every spring they treat us to a pink and white flowered driveway. Just planted a Red Japanese Split leaf maple where we lost a huge 3 branch Linden to old age. Tree did great for a month and suddenly it died. 😦 Very sad, will have to try something else.
    Hope all is well with you. How is the knitting and the summer’s farmers markets? Haven’t seen Ferd for a while but he seemed to be doing well. 🙂

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