A Neighbor Encountered

The weather is hot in the country. A situation which is unusual, but not unheard of. A little heat isn’t enough to deter us from our walks. It just means Dakota has to stay home.

Returning from a two hour walk around Platt Hill, one of our favorite hikes, we met a neighbor we hadn’t seen in years. At least, we think he is the same neighbor. He looks a little green. Always did.

photo (8)

Unfortunately, there is nothing in this photo to show scale, but his shell is well over a foot long and he has quite a tail as well. Downwind the fellow needs to worry about personal hygiene.

Shown here Mr. Turtle was crossing the road from our pond to Lake Winchester. If he is the same fellow, then he is the reason Jim and any male guests stopped the practice of skinny-dipping after dinner a few decades ago. You can’t see in this photo, but there are faint markings of red and green paint on his shell–a long ago life as a pet?

The paparazzi disturbed our neighbor’s constitutional. He turned and headed back to the pond. A guy can’t get a little peace and quiet even in the country.


One Comment to “A Neighbor Encountered”

  1. Mr. Turtle bears a striking similarity to the snapping turtle I encountered almost twenty years ago.

    The occasion was Ed McIntire’s weekend visit, and the weather, like this week, was very warm. The pond retained the day’s heat overnight, and provided a soothing immersion in the natural beauty of the Spring House for intrepid night swimmers.

    Friday night Ed and I decided to cool off in the water au naturel. Upon encountering Mr. Turtle’s doppelgänger on the grassy bank the next morning, and observed his snapping action upon the cylindrical shaft of a small tree limb unceremoniously thrust toward his mouth, Ed and I immediately agreed that bathing trunks were in order for that evening.

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