Los Lonely Boys in Norfolk

One evening which will always be transcendent in my memory was seeing Carlos Santana in concert at Madison Square Garden. We went back stage and met him, but far more amazing than that was the concert. Carlos was just plain magic. Equally magical was his opening band, Los Lonely Boys. Carlos and the boys went head to head and the sounds will never leave my brain and heart.

This explains why on April 11th when I logged on to my email at 5:30 a.m. my heart raced to see an announcement from Infinity Hall that Los Lonely Boys would be playing July 17th. I may have been the first person to purchase tickets. I sure as heck got the best tickets in the house!

A word on Infinity Hall. This is a beautifully renovated venue which seats 300 people. Our long time friend, Jack Forchette, has been involved since day one and books the acts. Jack is an amazing man. He has had one of those lives which live most often in fiction with new chapters, twists and turns and lots of unforgettable experiences. At one point he delivered our mail, but before than he was a professional baseball player, managed the group Chicago and many other acts. He could fill a book, not just a blog post. Once entering the Bertelsmann Building at 1540 Broadway, I ran into Jack heading to a meeting at BMG. The man gets around.


Back to Los Lonely Boys. The concert was outstanding. The energy and musicianship of the three brothers was off the charts and, as far as I was concerned, they could have played for hours and hours and hours. They played a long concert. They must collapse in a heap at the end. The small venue made it seem like they were playing just for us. Don’t even start Jim on how phenomenal they were, he raved all the way home.

It was our big night out on vacation and it was a major home run. All night the music has played in my dreams. Oh, and to top it off, we ran into Jack and Dana, his wife, at the show! So wonderful to see long time friends.

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One Comment to “Los Lonely Boys in Norfolk”

  1. Your vacation sounds just perfect. It just makes me smile. Hope you are refreshed and ready for a happy return to work
    :). dawn

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