Spinning Heaven

the sun was perfect for drying the dyed roving

the sun was perfect for drying the dyed roving

This was a gorgeous weekend in the country. It broke my heart to have to leave. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, but sunny and bright with blue, blue skies and perfect fluffy white clouds.

The new roving I ordered arrived during the week and I couldn’t wait to get up to the house to work on the dyes. I have three sets of roving which need to be made into yarn. With any luck that yarn will turn into three projects.

Project one: I have some very brightly colored yarn which I hope to make into a vest. Initially, I was going to ply the brightly colored yarn with natural white, but once I was spinning it became clear the yarn I was making was too thick for two ply. I have in mind a vest with alternating rows of the colorful and the natural white and some fancy trim on the bottom. I need close to 800 yards so this weekend I was trying to match the first skein of brightly colored yarn. Matching using Kool-Aid is no easy feat, but I think it is just fine.

roving drying in the sun

roving drying in the sun

Project two: This began as a mis-fire. It was my first attempt to dye more roving for project one. Pre-dyeing I left my roving too wet and all the colors bled and I ended up with what Jim termed “a long intestine.” It was soft runs of colors from salmon to pink to purple. At first I thought it was a mess. Then I thought it might look quite lovely plied with yellow. So that became the plan. The plan continued to evolve when I began to spin. Funny things happen when you dye and spin. The dyed roving that looked like salmon is spinning up into quite lovely yarn. It is a festival of pinks, purples and will look super with the yellow plied together. The “disaster” is an exciting new project.

the dyed roving for project two

the dyed roving for project two

sweet rainbow of color

sweet rainbow of color

Project three: this evolved while I was waiting for the new order of roving. I had a lovely raspberry colored roving which I must have bought at Sheep and Wool years and years ago when I bought my wheel–and then didn’t learn to spin for five years. I began spinning the raspberry quite thin and plan to ply it with some natural white Blue-faced Leicester that I bought last year. Perhaps that will be a sweater if it yields enough. I am still not very practiced at all in estimating yields.

Leaving the country was doubly heart-breaking. Not only did I want to enjoy the perfect weather, I was in spinning heaven.

Just in case you are wondering, Jim was pretty busy, too.

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2 Comments to “Spinning Heaven”

  1. So true on how the color changes when you spin!!! Great pix!!

  2. Its sounds like summer heaven to me. The working outside with beautiful colored yarn planning wonderful things to create surrounded by beauty what could be better!
    Love and Hugs

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