The Brassia

A major pleasure. My Brassia is blooming.

photo (10)

This picture doesn’t do it justice. Jim got me this brassia for Christmas 2011. It was in full bloom then. Happily it has bloomed every six months since then. I think it is magnificent. The blooms only last a couple weeks tops, then slowly they fade down to the tip of the spike. Time stands still until months later, it sends out a new spike and slowly the whole process repeats itself.

photo (9)

Orchidphilia is not for the impatient.


2 Comments to “The Brassia”

  1. Your plant is beautiful! I’ve been raising orchids in my trees in Florida but haven’t seen that wonderful brassia. Is it difficult to grow? I’d love to buy one and keep it in Florida. 🙂
    Happy Blooming

    • Dawn, there are few better places for orchids than FL. I expect a brassia would love living there. Bobbie had orchids on the gorgeous tree behind the lanaii. I was always envious. I can’t get Vandas or Dendrobiums to grow up here, but they love FL. Jenny

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