Alex deployed this week. His current orders state he will return in eight months. He was both very excited and nervous before leaving.

I can’t say much more about his deployment on line for security reasons, but he should be safe. He was very happy about his mission. It is quite an honor.

The amazing thing is that as he left all of his worldly possessions were either in a storage locker (including his very cute, but somewhat ridiculous white two-seater sports car) or with him in his duffle. We have so many things in our lives. Sometimes it feels like such a burden. Alex headed off like a turtle with his life on his back.

The other thing I have been thinking a lot about is that when these guys deploy, they put their lives on hold for us. They can literally freeze many of their bills during deployment. No more car payments, no accumulation of interest. Their private lives cease to exist and they are 100% devoted to their mission. That is quite a time out of normal life. It may not be the ultimate sacrifice, but it is a tremendous gift to the rest of us.

Semper Fi indeed.



4 Comments to “Deployment”

  1. Thank you to Alex Frost and to all the Alex like men and women who devote their lives to our safety and freedom. And thank you to proud Mom and Dad. Best wishes, Arlene

  2. Keeping you and Alex in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Awesome post. And just as awesome are the people at home supporting them while they are gone. I used to work with the Marine corps as a civilian, and the sacrifices they and their families make are intense. Semper Fi for real!

  4. Jenny, We will all keep Alex in our prayers, as well as the rest of your family. Love, Kathy

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