Moans and Mohs

Jim at the second pass, you don't want to see the fifth.

Jim at the second pass, you don’t want to see the fifth.

Sometimes you just get kicked in the butt by life. Poor Jim has had problems with the skin on his nose for years. He went to the doctor regularly and several years ago all was pronounced okay. In November he went back to see the doctor and they said he had basal cell cancer.

Today was the day he had it attended to. They said he could go alone. They said it would not be a huge deal. It was a whole lot worse than they ever expected. Clearly that last biopsy was wrong and his cancer has been growing for a long time. He arrived home after six hours of ambulatory surgery with his face swathed in bandages, a real shiner on his left eye and in a whole lot of pain. They did five passes with the Mohs procedure (do not click this link without a warning)–way more than usual or anticipated. He will have to have two passes of plastic surgery.

Sometimes life just kicks you in the butt for no reason at all…


3 Comments to “Moans and Mohs”

  1. Best wishes to Jim for a speedy and more comfortable recovery. Arlene Cohen

  2. Jim – Seriously, I hope the worst is behind you and your recovery is swift. Un-seriously, go climb into a big bottle of red. Carrie

  3. Dear Jenny and Jim, I’m so sorry this happened to you and I am holding only positive thoughts for your speedy recovery. I know you will come through this and be just fine. We are all sending love and our arms are around you and your loved ones. Hugs and Kisses, Kathy and family

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