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February 23, 2014

Scads of Scones!

I am not much of a baker. Maybe because I am not hugely fond of sweets and cakes and pie, but baking has never been my thing. I do like scones. A few weeks ago the New York Times had a recipe for scones. I clipped it and one Sunday morning when everyone was still asleep, I mixed up a batch of current and pecan scones.

photo (20)

They were a big hit. Peter, Ellie and Jim came down to a nice Sunday breakfast with fresh baked scones. They seemed to like it.

The recipe was for Currant Cream Scones and I added the pecans on my own.

So, a couple of weeks later, I made another batch, but this time I made a double batch so Peter and Ellie could take some scones back to school. There was general clamor and acclaim.

Now scone frenzy has erupted in the Frost household. Scones are in major demand. Texts arrive on my phone during the week entreating, demanding, reinforcement of scone supplies. Much discussion takes place of alternate recipes. Ginger, blueberry, with nuts, without nuts–this is all the subject of hot debate.

Peter came home this weekend to keep me company while Jim is off visiting his mother in Florida. Scones were, without doubt, a necessity. Remembering his previous request for ginger, I checked out potential recipes. The winner was Ginger Scones as found on Simply Recipes.  

A double batch was whipped up. Scones for Peter to take back to school. Scones for the freezer for Jim when he gets home and Ellie when she next visits. Scones for tea and breakfast. We are scone replete.

Next up: Blueberry with nuts.

February 16, 2014

Wondrous Winter Weekend

Friday did it. I finally threw in the towel and called “hookey!” It wasn’t having almost made it through yet another week of snow and storm and delayed trains. Yes, Metro North declaring Friday a “Saturday schedule” with 40% of train capacity, provided somewhat of a justification, but mostly I just couldn’t stand the idea of missing more gorgeous snow! This is the BEST WINTER EVER!!

Jim and I headed up to the country Friday morning with the prospect of three nights and almost four days of hanging out at the house, playing in the snow and just enjoying the peace and bright white snow of a real wintry weekend.

This winter reminds us of the winter of 1982. The snow was so deep that the path to the garage door and the driveway was lined with piles of snow over our heads. We could actually step off the front porch roof right onto the front yard. We don’t have quite that much snow this year, but it is a bumper crop.

photo (16)

There is enough snow that I got to break out my trusty roof rake.

photo (15)

When we arrived Friday, the drive hadn’t been plowed and I will confess to a momentary frustration with the snow, but Jeff arrived almost immediately and we were plowed out in less than half an (17)

We dug out the back door and the all-important access to the fuel tanks.

photo (18)

Raking the porch roof is always a good workout. The snow was deep enough, just walking to rake the roof was a workout.

photo (12)

photo (13)

photo (14)

After some bush maintenance and shoveling, we headed off for a walk up the road.

photo (5)

photo (10)

photo (19)

Normally no one loves snow more than Dakota. He runs like a crazy puppy and loves to dig his nose into the white, fluffy flakes. But this snow is so deep, he can only walk where the snow is cleared. I think he still loves the cold, but his crazy puppy circles are confined.

photo (8)

We’re all having a wonderful weekend. This is the best winter ever!!

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