Marine Mom

DSC04020Looking at the back of my classic red truck, it is pretty easy to get the sense that I am a Marine Mom. I am a very excited Marine Mom because Tuesday my most favorite Marine in the whole world is coming home for almost 3 weeks of post-deployment leave! It is a safe bet that I will have spoiled and smothered Corporal Frost to distraction within 24 hours. Semper Fi!


3 Comments to “Marine Mom”

  1. Glad to hear our favorite Marine will be home soon. He deserves rest, relation, and being spoiled by his favorite marine mom.
    Love Grandpa Ferd

  2. I am so happy for you! Congratulations. I hope all is well. It would be great to catch up with you later this summer. Warmest wishes, Sharon

  3. There is little doubt who the proudest Marine Mom is, and your tailgate says it loud and clear.

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