Kicking Back on Vacation!

Doesn’t every vacation begin with a list? Several weeks before our planned ten days in Connecticut, I headed a sheet of paper with the word, “Vacation.” Jim seemed dismayed when I proceeded to add a good list of projects to be undertaken on vacation. 

photo (6)



By the time we got to CT and began our ten days of bliss on July 3rd, the list was impressive. Jim seemed unhappy at first and then his energy source kicked in and he kicked it…

photo (10)


Together we washed all the windows in the house. Boy, did they need it. They are kind of low-end windows and they get foggy between the divided lights and the removable inner storm. Sadly, the “removable” part means cleaning each window involves removing the sashes and dis-assembling each window in addition to removing the storms and screens. It takes a while, but the results are outstanding! We washed all the curtains, too. Our bedroom sparkled. 

photo (13)Jim also re-painted the back wall of the house. It was peeling in spots and we knew we could extend the life of our paint job, if we just cleaned it up. 

photo (18)


Just look at that satisfied painter with his post-painting beer!

Also on the list was trimming the bushes. I just love to trim bushes. I am perhaps a more eager than skilled trimmer. Once again, I managed to trim the power cord. It is really great that that merely shuts the trimmer off rather than cutting off the life of the person trimming. When Jim went to the hardware store to get the thing that repairs the extension cord, the guy at the store said he had done it three times. Well, that  was only my second. Just look at these bushes…

photo (8)


Next up garage doors which needed a new coat of paint and the garden which needed weeding. 

photo (11) photo (5)

While Jim cleaned the garage, top to bottom, I scrubbed and mopped the kitchen floor. 

By the end of the week, we had everything on the list complete. 

Now, you might think we were all work and no fun, but that would be far from the truth. Quitting time was about 5:30 and that meant we hit the showers and it was cocktail time. A nice woosie strength G&T for me and some craft beer for Jim. We got dinner prep under way and then selected from any number of delightful vistas from the gazebo view of the pond to the front porch or the back patio. 

photo (15)photo (14)

After dinner, we sat on the front porch and read or sometimes watched something on Netflix. It was a very congenial schedule. With such clean windows, the sun got us up early and the routine continued. Luckily, we had fantastic weather everyday. Of course, all tasks were balanced with copious amounts of knitting, spinning (for me) and reading (both of us). I began a gorgeous sweater designed by Kathryn Alexander which uses 48 different colors of her hand-dyed woolen yarns and I was also spinning lace weight yarn for a Pi Shawl based on a design based on Elizabeth Zimmerman designed by MWaa Knit on Ravelry. I’ll need 1400 yards so I have a bit of spinning to do. I am, of course, using Logan for it. I think I will dye the yarn blue.  

photo (16)

The big excitement was Saturday morning about 3 am when a big black bear came and attacked the garbage bin. The noise of the falling bin woke us and we peered out as Mr. Bear took first one bad of garbage, abandoned it and took a second bag which we never did find. Wish I had a picture of the big black bear!

Of course all efforts were closely attended by our fellow vacationer. He might not be much for painting, trimming or cleaning, but he sure does enjoy every meal and he is awfully cute. 

photo (9)

We were very sad to return to reality, but we left a well-tended home and we will enjoy the fruits of our labors in just five days when we head up again. 


2 Comments to “Kicking Back on Vacation!”

  1. Well the G&T might have left you woozy, but you’re no wussie. You are the mistress of the window sash! Nice recap of the work-detail vacation week, boss lady.

  2. Love it! That’s what I’ll do, go on vacation in my own home and compile my list of ‘things to do’ to attack with the same vim, vigor, and vitality! Well done…

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