Up, Up and Away!!

What do you do when you find yourself celebrating a 31st wedding anniversary in the glorious wine country of Napa Valley?


Cool Napa morning getting ready to soar!

It was still dark and quite cool when we met with the rest of the group for a quick bite to eat and the trip to the balloons. They were just beginning inflation when we arrived.







The balloons were like colorful giants waking up in the cool morning air. We were not the only voyagers that morning.







The valley was filled with the silent giants moving swiftly over the land. DSC03910






Their passage afforded novel views and perspectives.








Time was as altered as our perspective. We were moving at 13 miles per hour on the current of the air, but it felt like we were standing still. There was no wind and no sound, but the far off barking of a dog and sometimes the roar of the colorful giant.












The air warmed and all the great balloons came back to earth. They landed with a thud and a rough slide over the earth. The graceful giants folded into the earth.








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4 Comments to “Up, Up and Away!!”

  1. Bucket list! Bucket list! Seriously, two such fine people who also were lucky enough to find each other have many reasons to celebrate.

  2. What a great description! Jack and were in Arizona at an ENT board meeting years ago. He was busy working and sent me off ballooning. Your description brings back happy memories. 🙂

  3. How fun!!! We did that for our 3rd anniversary..I loved it! Except the landing part..we bumped and rolled..kinda exciting but a little painful!!

  4. Hi Jenny, What a beautiful trip. Thanks for sharing. I’m at the ranch and it’s beautiful here now. Warm and sunny in the daytime and cool at night. Hope someday you can come visit me here. I would love to have you as my guests. Just let me know when you would like to come. Love always, where is our marine. Kathy

    Kathy L’Amour


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