For the price of a vente latte, a woman’s life can be changed…


Please join me this International Women’s Day in the fight against extreme poverty. Trickle Up, an organization I have supported for several years, provides women living on under $1.25/day with seed capital, business skills training, savings support, and coaching so they can build a brighter future for their families. Join our campaign with support at any level to help 150 women in Guatemala become financially independent, active members of their community.

There are few things one can do in just a couple minutes which can have as lasting an impact on lives as this. Women who gain financial sufficiency can feed their families, they gain self-respect, they gain the respect of their families, husbands and communities. It is beyond powerful what a small amount of money can do for someone at this level.

Give today and your donation will be doubled by generous Trickle Up donors in honor of International Women’s Day. And to thank you for your support, Trickle Up is offering amazing perks. Learn more and donate at

I hope you can join me in supporting Trickle Up’s amazing work helping families in Guatemala chart a new trajectory for their future. Please forward this email on to your friends and acquaintances and help change lives!


3 Comments to “For the price of a vente latte, a woman’s life can be changed…”

  1. I will definitely do so, but things do relentlessly trickle down via gravity. However: sometimes upward they *bubble.* That’s my economic rationale on raising the minimum wage: folks will be able to afford to buy things, thus the activity will “bubble up” in higher stock prices for the companies that sell those things! Win-win! The “bubble-up” theory was first successfully tested by Henry Ford.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Dupree. These people are so far down, they are below the bubble. But you and I are way more in sync than some folks around.

  3. Thanks for sending Jenny – just made a donation – I support many groups that enable women to get out of poverty giving their children and families a chance at a
    decent life. Arlene Cohen

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