Pi to the Fourth Power

We celebrated Pi Day by buying an enormous Cherry Pie at Costco. Peter ate most of it. I am not a huge pie fan. I am, however, going to knit a Pi Shawl for next Pi Day. I already have spun the yarn and chosen my patterns so this is just the goal I need to get started and aim for completion. Thank you, Glenna C. Oh, and any reminder of the Great Elizabeth Zimmerman is all right by me, too.

Glenna Knits

My fourth Pi shawl is done, I’m pleased to report, and it even made it just under the wire for Pi Day on Saturday. I cast off around lunchtime and laid it out for blocking that afternoon, and I am well pleased.

(It is also, I should mention, challenging to take full photos of a circular shawl without assistance, so in addition to these I may point out past Pi Shawl posts here and here)


Having done a few of these, I get a lot of Pi Shawl questions. I thought I would go ahead and answer a few of them in a kind of Pi Shawl FAQ, if you will:

How long does it take to knit a Pi Shawl?

For me personally, it’s taken me between 3 months (this one) and 11 months (last one). I liked having the Pi Day deadline for this because I think…

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