A Woman’s Life Touches Many Other Lives

Recently I wrote a blog post urging people to join in the fight against extreme poverty. Helping just one woman achieve greater financial independence has a ripple effect through her family, her community and the ripples can extend even wider. This is one reason I support Trickle Up. I love the idea that empowering one person can cause lasting change across many lives.

Trickle Up provides women living on under $1.25/day with seed capital, business skills training, savings support, and coaching so they can build a brighter future for their families. Join our campaign with support at any level to help 150 women in Guatemala become financially independent, active members of their community.

There are few things one can do in just a couple minutes which can have as lasting an impact on lives as this. Women who gain financial sufficiency can feed their families, they gain self-respect, they gain the respect of their families, husbands and communities. It is beyond powerful what a small amount of money can do for someone at this level.

In honor of International Women’s Day two weeks ago, Trickle Up launched an Indiegogo campaign to transform the lives of 150 women (and their families and communities) in Lachua, Guatamala. The huge news is that in just that much time over $10,220 has been raised–40% of the total goal of $25,000! That is tremendous news, but that also means that 60% of the money is left to raise and it gets harder as time goes by.

If we have raised 40% of the goal, does that mean we can only hope to change 40% of the 150 women’s lives that we had hoped to change? Are those women simply out of luck? These are women who live on almost nothing each day and they worry how they can feed their families. They are living without any safety net between them and the people they love and disaster. Yet so little can do so much. Literally, for the cost of a cup of coffee at a fancy coffee store, one of those women can have a chance at an independent life.

Give today. Learn more and donate at http://igg.me/at/trickleup.

If you haven’t already, please join me in supporting Trickle Up’s amazing work helping families in Guatemala chart a new trajectory for their future. Please share this post with your friends and post to Facebook. Help us reach the goal of helping 150 women to a better life.


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