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August 20, 2010

Back! No seriously!

Hey, everyone, this time there is no psych-out I am honestly back, having returned late Thursday night. Sorry to have taken a few days to begin blogging again, but being reunited with civilization has been a bit crazy. I keep waking up confused as to why I’m not in my sleeping bag in a tent or, whenever mom announces we need to run errands, I almost run to grab a backpack and hiking boots.

Besides clearly driving me a little insane, my trip was a lot of fun and I definitely learned a lot. While most of my fellow campers had all camped, backpacked, and rock climbed, I had done little of any of these and seemed to be prepared with only a smile when they asked about my previous experiences in these areas.  Honestly, the first week was incredibly difficult. Suddenly with 60 pounds on your back and rapidly increasing elevation, the simple 8 miles you’ve practiced with your mom all the time becomes much harder. But after the first days of hardship, your pains become habits and your exhaustion becomes simple routine. Past this I was able to learn how to camp while leaving no traces and to rock climb, even embarking on a multi pitch climb one day. I was also able to enjoy the Wind River Mountain Range part of the Rockies, hiking to the Continental Divide and learning the names of numerous wild flowers.

Now I’ve returned home and have already continued my training with mom, doing a 16.2 mile walk yesterday (and yes I was amazed at the amount of waving she did). Today we have a rest day with the rain up here at the country house but tomorrow we should again walk probably about 4 miles. I hope to post some pics of my trip soon, but until then wish me luck on getting used to normal life again…especially getting used to mom’s constant waving….

July 31, 2010


Psych! Sorry no I’m still away in the mountains right now probably craving some chocolate ice cream (as I’ll be eating little meal packs) and most likely begging for a nice long break (actually I really hope not…) However right now I’m still home preparing to leave and yes still safe with my ice cream 😉 Still I can imagine what I’ll be doing from the outlines of the trip description. I’ll be at a pretty high altitude as we rock climb and hike our way up the various mountains (on hike days they estimate about 15 miles w/ around 70 lbs. from our backpacks). They’ll teach me how to navigate through the wildreness, start a fire, etc. If I’m lucky I may even be allowed to go several days guiding myself without the guides! Wish me luck!

P.S. So umm if I’m eaten by bears while on my own, I guess this is goodbye…lols

July 21, 2010

Goodbye For Now :~(

Sadly (as I mentioned in earlier posts) I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Wyoming, where I’ll be hiking and rock climbing in the mountains for three weeks…eeek! I’m very excited, but its bittersweet as I’ll be out of touch with civilization and unable to post. Don’t worry though, my mom will continue while I’m gone and you’ll get the odd post from me (written before I leave, of course). As a goodbye I’ve found this cartoon, enjoy!

July 12, 2010

An Interesting Fashion Statement ;)

While browsing through pictures of breast cancer walks from years previous I’ve noticed some interesting choices of apparel from pink tube socks to pink 90s sunglasses or maybe pink hightop shoes. After looking through all that frankly I’m jealous and have decided to enlist your help in my mom’s and my own fashion statement. So, from now until the walk we’re holding an auction to determine what crazy thing we’ll be wearing during our walk. The person with the highest donation will be the one who decides between…

A) Pink Bunny Ears

B) Pink Tiara

C) Pink Tutu

If you wish to participate simply mention in your donation which one you’d like to see us wearing (I personally would loveeee to see Mom in a pink tutu walking around D.C., but hey its your bid)

P.S. If you have any problems online adding your message of what you vote  for, just email my mom or me

July 6, 2010

Heat wave + walking = :(

With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in New York and much of the Northeast, it presents a great challenge for those who need 2 walk, say people who maybe need 2 train for a breast cancer walk? Overall I believe the weather is being incredibly inconsiderate, especially for our walking assistant w/ the big furry coat (which he refuses to take off, like me he appreciates the fashionable look always).  However with the festivities from July 4th (idk about you but I ate enough for several people) mom and I definitely need 2 forge on through the heat. Besides we are walking in D.C. and it may still be warm there when you walk so maybe this will be very good training for that as well. Still to combat this heat we’ve decided to leave @ 5:30 AM (eeekkkk) to spare ourselves some of the heat and to try not to kill our walking assistant. It’ll probably still be around 80 degrees but I suppose that’s better than 100 😉 Wish us luck in this heat!

P.S. I’m very proud to say I’ve officially reached halfway in my donations, making my total so far $1,260 (yes, mom’s still kicking my butt, but, hey, she’s tough competition!) Our team total is now 36% of our $15,000 at $5,465! Please continue this amazing support and help us reach our goal 🙂

June 14, 2010

Summertime :)

So school is finally out! (ok, ok yeah I still have my finals this week) But most of the important stuff has already happened for the end of my school year (ex. Prom, Birthday,etc. lol) In all seriousness though the start of summer means more time for walking and training, my mom has already promised to wake me up @ 5 am every morning for a nice 6 mile walk (for the record I suggested 9 or 10 am…) I’m also planning on participating in a 3 week rock climbing trip through the Rocky Mountains which includes walking 14 miles a day with 60 pounds on my back, hmmm mom’s little 5 am workout sounds much nicer now… Anyway this summer I hope to keep in shape and keep preparing for our walk which seems to be getting a LOT closer than I thought it would, eekk only October!

p.s. I’ll let everyone have an update on our first early morning walk, I have the feeling it includes a VERY large cup of coffee. 😮

p.s.s. Not sure if you’re interested in this, (kinda random) but here’s a pic of my boyfriend and me at prom

June 4, 2010

17, finally…

As my mom posted I had my 17th birthday on wednesday, so I have officially experienced a full day of my new #. Not much changed in way of celebration since last year, I still had had school (unfortunately) and congrats from my friends. I’m even having my annual pool party @ my house, which I’ve had since maybe kindergarten. But to help with my walk fundraising and to break my normal birthday celebrations this year I’m asking my birthday present from friends and family to simply be a donation to my walk. Hopefully this will help with the whole older AND wiser part of a birthday.


May 25, 2010

Fitness Test :/

So in order to qualify to become exempt from gym class during my senior year of hs (almost there,finally) I need to pass a “fitness test” that begins in gym class tomorrow and lasts for a couple days. Eeek! I need to do sit ups, push ups, a mile run, etc. I’m hoping that my walks and basketball practices will help me tomorrow, but then again I guess this just counts as more training for my walk…Wish me luck!


May 14, 2010

New Fundraising Idea?

So I was trying to think of new ways to raise money, we still have a long way to go after all. My new favorite idea is to dye a bit of our hair pink (my mom and me), when we reach a certain point towards our goal. Then again I was trying to think more about how this would work out :

Hmmm….maybe I’ll just take care of this fundraising idea….


May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day, a day I know my mom personally loves, as we have a family dinner with cards and a present. But now the day means more to my mom and me as we continue preparing for our walk. Now this day is a reminder of yet again why we are doing this. Not only are we doing this for our own mothers (or current ones) but we’re also doing this for for future mothers, the next generation. So throughout this day, writing this post or watching my mom open presents, I want to remind myself why this walk is so important.

– Ellie

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